I was born and raised in Germany. While in college I met my now wife, Courtney Hawkins, and after graduating we moved to Los Angeles to pursue careers in film.
I started as an assistant editor in reality TV, before moving into scripted television ("Make It Or Break It", "Covert Affairs"), and then transitioning into feature assisting on films such as "Burlesque", "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", and "World War Z" - all the while editing shorts on the side.
I was very fortunate to have worked for and been mentored by incredibly talented and generous editors like Lori Jane Coleman, ACE, Richard Halsey, ACE, Matt Chesse, ACE, Kirk Baxter, ACE, Angus Wall, ACE, and Chris Rouse, ACE.
I made the jump to feature editor with the drama-thriller "Squatters", starring Gabriella Wilde, Luke Grimes, and Richard Dreyfuss. I also co-edited the indie drama "Fort Bliss", starring Michelle Monaghan and Ron Livingston, and the sci-fi kids' adventure film "Earth To Echo". Other works include the reboot of "Benji" for Netflix, the neo-Western "The Bygone", the action-comedy "Jolt", starring Kate Beckinsale, and the latest chapter in the Rambo franchise, "Rambo: Last Blood".
My most recent credits are the feature adaptation of the cult hit "Kung Fury", the indie drama "Snorkeling", and the Warner Bros Looney Tunes live-action-animation hybrid "Coyote V. ACME" - all of which will be tentatively released in 2024.
I'm also now the co-director of the annual ACE Internship, a program I was selected to partake in in 2008.  Being able to mentor and give back to a new generation of editors and our community is an honor I deeply enjoy and am grateful for.
Please visit my IMDb page for a complete list of my credits.
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